Friday, 12 September 2014

Culture at least

We went into Gloucester today with the specific aim of seeing the Crucible2 exhibition of modern sculpture that is on display in Gloucester Cathedral. What a truly brilliant venue for 100 pieces of modern sculpture. 
We didn't like it all...and why would you? 
But, we liked a lot!

 Cathedral tower
 The first installation we came across as we entered the Cathedral  Jubilee IV by the late Lynn Chadwick.

 The Thief by David Mach
 A bit of traditional sculpture
 Effigy of Robert Duke of Normandy, the eldest son of William the Conquerer
 Fallen Angel by Damian Hirst
 Fallen Angel...expand the pic and look at the detail which includes, a heroin kit, spoon, needle, etc. cuts to the arms from self harm...brilliant piece of work!

 The High Altar

 Vesqua by W Pye

 Anatomy of an Angel (Black) by Damian Hirst

 Damian's Hirst's Anatomy of an Angel again.
We spent just over an hour having a wander about but I will definitely be going back for another look as we pass through Gloucester on our way north.

Street musicians in costume...the Town Crier was also with them at the Farmers market held every Friday. 
We bought some goats cheese and sausages, had a coffee and headed back to the boat, all cultured our for now..


  1. I'm not a huge modern sculpture fan but these look worth having a look at especially like the way they are being displayed - the juxtaposition of modern and old sculpture.

    1. Amanda the Abbey was a fantastic back drop for the exhibition and I imagine that the additional visitor numbers helped the Abbey finances. I went back for a second visit and spent a 'quiet' half an hour listening to the organ being played, very impressive.
      X Lesley

  2. Wonderful pics! We aren't much for modern art but as you say,some things are truly beautiful and riveting such as Hirst's angels. We hope to get to Gloucester some day--looks like a treat!
    Take care,
    Jaq and LesXX

    1. Hi Jaq
      We loved the G&S and I am sure you and Les will too, you've just got to whip the NHS into shape and get Les sorted and fit for the trip. The exhibition was intriguing and the setting was ideal.
      best wishes for the next haul..
      X Lesley


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