Saturday, 14 April 2012

Exploring again

After a morning spent getting Yarwood ship shape, floors washed, hoovering done, surfaces dusted and  polished and lunch prepared and eaten I set off with Jill and the four mutts to do some more exploring. We were out for three and hour hours with a 30min stop for a you do.  I was  impressed with Northamptonshire on our last trip through here two years ago and I remain a fan of this part of the is simply lovely!

 Titchmarsh Mill and lock

 Stonewalling - Northamptonshire style

 View across Titchmarsh Local nature reserve from a bird hide

 View across the table at The Fox Thorpe Waterville

Thing of beauty...

 The carved wooden village sign at Thorpe Waterville
Returning to the boats along the opposite bank


  1. I am catching up on my blog reading this Sunday morning over coffee.I love this one--it made me splutter my coffee at Les. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Post script to your list of things you hate: it reminds me of a favorite T-shirt I used to own, and I think you need one like it. It was a Calvin & Hobbes shirt with a picture of Calvin scowling and saying, "Every day I am forced to add another name to the list of people who p*** me off." Everuyone who saw it got it--and smiled. Even small kids.

  3. Glad it amused you Jaq, now mop Les down.
    I believe I have seen those T-shirts..


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