Thursday, 12 April 2012


We have been keeping a eye on the water levels downstream and waiting for an opportune moment to run through the Islip Footbridge - this morning the board at the bridge was showing 2m and Nb. Matilda Rose could just get under at that level - Yarwood sits so lw on the water this bridge was not a problem.  
We pulled pins at 9am and worked the two boats through Denford lock and then JIll and I and dogs scurried off to retrieve Jill and Graham's car and hurry to Thrapston to meet the two boats and assist them to get on to the water point - a tricky little site to access.    Both boats went through the bridge and winded (turned), coming back through the bridge against the stream and reversed on to the water point. (easier to manage the speed of the boat and therefore the manoeuvrability going up stream).  We filled water tanks and ran washing machines and showers before moving off again to drop down through the next lock and moor by the sailing club.

 On the water point by the seven arched Islip/Thrapston bridge.

 Islip lock

 Moored up by the yacht club on Islip moorings
The lake adjacent to our moorings
It has been a lovely day with bright sunshine  - until we took the dogs for a walk around the lake.  At this point God decided to rearrange his furniture and we had a dose of thunder and lightening and the wet stuff. Well it is April...

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