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Saturday 6 October 2012

Wroxham and Woo-baz-wick

We went into the Broads 'capital' today, Wroxham, and took a trip on a river boat out along the River Bure  to Wroxham Broad and Salford Salhouse broad.  We were blessed with a beautiful autumn day, wall to wall sunshine.  Not a narrowboat in sight, this is the land waters of the plastic cruiser.  Apparently in its hey day, the 60's, there were over 4000 hire boats to be had on these waters and now that figure is down to circa 850.

 Leaving Wroxham
 Ah, what's this emerging from a private boathouse?
 It is White Moth, a gaff rigged wherry yacht built in Wroxham nearly 100 years ago. 
 Sailing on Wroxham broad
 There is White Moth all 59 feet of her and looking very regal as she takes sail on Wroxham Broad
 An older waterside residence...this is rented out if you fancy it
 The latest style for riverside living in Wroxham and costing a pretty penny or million..
After our river trip we headed off to Woodbastwick (woo-bas-wick) to visit  my very favourite brewery, Woodforde's.
 Woodforde's brewery shop
 A Woodforde's pub next to the brewery, the Fur and Feather Inn where we enjoyed for lunch

Bamboozled by choice...which one, which one?

Friday 5 October 2012

Horse Racing

I arrived back at the 'mobile shed' yesterday morning having spent three days in Essex with my Mother who had been taken ill.  At 80+ years Mum is finding it difficult to bounce back from a variety of health issues and Tuesday found us at Southend Hospital followed by another visit to the same on Wednesday.  For now all is OK and I have returned to Norfolk to continue our holiday. 
And in holiday mode, today we went horse racing!    There was a meeting at Yarmouth Race Course and we took ourselves along and enjoyed a great day.   There were seven races on the card and with an each-way bet on each race I picked three winners and a 2nd placed horse and came away having doubled my stake!!

 Friends Val and Alan who shall henceforth be known as Val and LOSER  (according to Joe that is..)

We enjoyed the day so much I will be looking to go racing again after all, there are so many courses close by our stamping grounds of  canals and rivers!