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Thursday 27 October 2011

Firming up the choices

Art Nouveau  styling , the Argyll tileset

While we await the arrival of the wiring loom that is holding up the lining out of Yarwood we have ordered the white goods and have almost finalised our choice of stove, light fittings and tileset for the fireplace. 
Lilyking 5kw multifuel stove....in red!!!

 and will it be this tiffany style wall light  or...
perhaps this one....?

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Pigeon Box

Build day 61 
Barnowl were planning to buy in a pigeon box (a traditional venting device that when fitted to the cabin top, will allow air and light into the engine room) but decided that they would ask Lambon Boats to fabricate one instead. 

It was delivered yesterday.

Nothing flimsy about this ...

Saturday 22 October 2011

Have felt tip...

Build day 57-60
I arrived back from my visit to Essex on Thursday to find that  our wiring requirements for Yarwood were being drawn on the newly sprayfoamed boat in felt-tip.  Loom-tech were translating what we had put on our plans into 3D in the boat ahead of preparing a wiring loom.   The wiring loom will be made up and ready the tail-end of next week after which it will be fitted by Stuart and then the boarding-out can commence.

Stuart Harper of Barnowl Narrowboats and Paul of Loom-tech

Tuesday 18 October 2011


Build day 54-56
Yarwood was due to be sprayfoamed this week.   However, the company who had little work when Stuart spoke to them a couple of weeks ago, was now fully booked.   Using his charm (or wallet) Stuart persuaded them to come out do the work on Sunday.

Having lived as continuous cruisers we have first hand experience of the benefits of a well insulated boat. When iced in last winter the fire was lit 24/7 and whilst the boat was really comfortable inside, the snow on the roof did not melt such is the efficiency of spray foam.

Looking towards the stern - the 'box' in the middle is a temporary engine cover...

The bulkhead seperating the hold from the living space in the boat has been removed to allow the sprayfoamers to coat the inside of the hold.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Tanks and more batten

Build day 53

Yesterday we printed off another plan of Yarwood's layout an annotated where we wanted power sockets, lights and light switches etc.  As with our current boat Caxton, all will be LED's (light emitting diodes) because the power consumption is minimal and provided you fit plenty the light levels are fine.  Things in the LED world have moved on  a pace in the three years since Caxton was fitted out and now you can get a LED substitute for nearly every light fitting known to man...

Diesel tank number two!
On the fitout front, Lambon have been fabricating the secondary diesel tank that will go under the tug deck to fuel the central heating unit and the genny.  This is 5' wide, 1' tall and 2'6" deep with a capacity of approximately 80gallons.

The baffled stainless steel water tank, which will sit on top of the number two diesel tank under the deck.  This has a capacity of circa 160 gallons.

And yet more battening in what will be the back cabin.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Pass the batten

Build day 52

Floor laid

Battening underway

Shackles for the anser pins painted as well as the hatch covers

The fitout is progressing nicely and the latest estimate for Yarwood's  completion is January 2012

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Bricking it

Build day 51
Ballast in - pavers and steel sheet

The fitout begins!  We called in to the Barnowl Narrowboat  workshop  yesterday afternoon to find that Yarwood's cabin floor had been wax-oiled and the ballast loaded, they were just starting to lay the plywood floor.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Yarwood moves out....and moves in again.

Build day 49

The phone rang at 08.40 this morning and Stuart of Barnowl Narrowboats told us that they were planning to move Yarwood out of the paintshop and into his workshop; "We'll be there!" I said as  I rushed about getting ready to start the day.
Steve Lambon getting the forklift truck ready for the task in hand.

The forklift being guided on to the homemade tow hitch

Yarwood starts the journey out of the paintshop

She's away with escort...

And into the Barnowl workshop

The 'hitch' in situ

Steve removing the hitch 

Stuart takes the 'hitch' away

Over the next 20mins Yarwood is set on wooden blocks and levelled ready for stage three of the build, the fitout. 

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Finished in the paint shop

Build day 46-48

We left Yarwood on Friday last with the masking carefully being removed and the only painting to be done that of the decks, gunwales and cabin top and thjis was to be in raddle red.   On Monday evening we visited to find that Yarwood was being masked again in readiness for the last coats of paint and today we find that the paintshop has finished and Yarwood is booked out tomorrow morning. 

The decks, cabin top and gunwales have had four coats of raddle red.  They will get yet another coat when the non-slip coats go on.

Gunwale and gunwale lip will stay raddle but the rivir detail will be blacked.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Going Green

Build day 45

When we arrived at Yarwood yesterday evening the days' paint spraying had just been finished and they were very carefully removing the masking.  So here she is, livery almost complete, red, light cream and heritage green.

Very, very carefully removing the masking to reveal the scallop pattern on the front bulkhead

Fine Line masking tape ensuring a crisp demarcation between colours.

For'ard scallop detail

Stern cant still in its wrapping