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Thursday 27 October 2011

Firming up the choices

Art Nouveau  styling , the Argyll tileset

While we await the arrival of the wiring loom that is holding up the lining out of Yarwood we have ordered the white goods and have almost finalised our choice of stove, light fittings and tileset for the fireplace. 
Lilyking 5kw multifuel stove....in red!!!

 and will it be this tiffany style wall light  or...
perhaps this one....?


  1. Love them both Lesley, I can't wait to see Yarwood! Will you be taking Yarwood to Crick next year?


  2. What were you thinking of...... oopps sorry I meant to say LOVE the Tiffany lights, I love both so you can choose either.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Paula
    (thinks...cue for a song, or is that dating me too much?)
    The plan is for Yarwood to be at the Crick show with the dogs and us staying nearby. I am glad you like the way Yarwood is coming along.

  4. love them all - can't wait to see Yarwood finished!

  5. Oh I am so glad you will be at Crick, I can't wait to see Yarwood, I think you are über clever to have found all these lovely fittings, I want to see the whole boat together, please may I?
    I promise to be good!!!

  6. Hi Carol
    Thank you. We are eager to see the finished Yarwood as well but not long now..

  7. Hi Lisa
    You are more than welcome to have a rummage in Yarwood - we look forward to meeting up again - will you be there with your new boat?


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