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Thursday 6 October 2011

Yarwood moves out....and moves in again.

Build day 49

The phone rang at 08.40 this morning and Stuart of Barnowl Narrowboats told us that they were planning to move Yarwood out of the paintshop and into his workshop; "We'll be there!" I said as  I rushed about getting ready to start the day.
Steve Lambon getting the forklift truck ready for the task in hand.

The forklift being guided on to the homemade tow hitch

Yarwood starts the journey out of the paintshop

She's away with escort...

And into the Barnowl workshop

The 'hitch' in situ

Steve removing the hitch 

Stuart takes the 'hitch' away

Over the next 20mins Yarwood is set on wooden blocks and levelled ready for stage three of the build, the fitout. 


  1. Beautiful. Graceful.

    But I just noticed for the first time the two horizontal plates on the rudder. I presume that the top one is an "end effect" plate, there to make the rudder more effective by preventing flow of high pressure water on one side to the low pressure on the other side. But what is the purpose of the slanted plate about half way down the rudder?

    s/v Eolian

  2. Hi Bob
    The top plate is a safety step and the lower plate is for 'end effect'.
    Yarwood is 'blushing' at being called beautiful and graceful but hopefully 'she' will get used to the compliments...


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