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Thursday 13 October 2011

Tanks and more batten

Build day 53

Yesterday we printed off another plan of Yarwood's layout an annotated where we wanted power sockets, lights and light switches etc.  As with our current boat Caxton, all will be LED's (light emitting diodes) because the power consumption is minimal and provided you fit plenty the light levels are fine.  Things in the LED world have moved on  a pace in the three years since Caxton was fitted out and now you can get a LED substitute for nearly every light fitting known to man...

Diesel tank number two!
On the fitout front, Lambon have been fabricating the secondary diesel tank that will go under the tug deck to fuel the central heating unit and the genny.  This is 5' wide, 1' tall and 2'6" deep with a capacity of approximately 80gallons.

The baffled stainless steel water tank, which will sit on top of the number two diesel tank under the deck.  This has a capacity of circa 160 gallons.

And yet more battening in what will be the back cabin.

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