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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Finished in the paint shop

Build day 46-48

We left Yarwood on Friday last with the masking carefully being removed and the only painting to be done that of the decks, gunwales and cabin top and thjis was to be in raddle red.   On Monday evening we visited to find that Yarwood was being masked again in readiness for the last coats of paint and today we find that the paintshop has finished and Yarwood is booked out tomorrow morning. 

The decks, cabin top and gunwales have had four coats of raddle red.  They will get yet another coat when the non-slip coats go on.

Gunwale and gunwale lip will stay raddle but the rivir detail will be blacked.


  1. She is looking great. What is the plate under the bows?

  2. Hi Capt.
    The plate is a temporary addition to assist the giant forklift to tow her about the site.

  3. You'll be part of the 'shiny boat' brigade again - wonder how long that will last! Looking good!!! xxx

  4. Wow, she looks fantastic. You must both be so excited by her progress. Cannot wait to see her on the water. x

  5. Hi Pip
    There won't be another boat so we have got to look after this one...now where's the polish?
    X Lesley

  6. Hi Jo
    We are really happy with progress and quality and looking forward to seeing Yarwood in her real element, the water!
    take care

  7. If I had waited for your next post the plate would have been explained!


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