Friday, 3 May 2013

Fire door update

After posting about the padlocked fire door we had encountered last Saturday at the Old Royal Oak at Hillmorton Wharf I contacted the Local Authority, Rugby Borough Council, to report the safety breach and sent photo's to back up my concern.  Within the hour I got a response to say they were on their way to visit the pub. 
Hopefully this will be an end to the stupid and careless disregard for fire regulations demonstrated by staff and management at this pub.


  1. you nosey old witch

  2. It was the right thing to do. If in the future there’d been an emergency and customers couldn’t get out or emergency services couldn’t get in you would have had to live with that on your conscience - good on you!

  3. Well done, there are always some comments on here which need ignoring. Good job done :)


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