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Monday 9 December 2013

Social Whirling...

What a weekend!!    It started with David and Lisa of Nb. What a Lark and Amanda and David of no boat yet but planning one for the future, meeting Joe and I in Market Harborough for the late night Christmas shopping extravaganza.  The Town really puts on a show with live music, Morris dancing, street food and much more joining all the shops who keep there doors open.  The town was thronged and the pubs were heaving.
 Morris dancers entertaining the crowds
 A very seasonal visit from one of Santa's transport department - aka a Reindeer
 A Burrell steam roller - if I am correct these were built in Thetford Norfolk
 Amanda and Joe
With no chance of booking a restaurant, I tried, we settled for a burger on the hoof  before wandering into The Angel Hotel for a warming glass of mulled wine.
 Lisa, Amanda and Joe in The Angel
Saturday and we went shopping in Harborough and were wined and dined aboard What a Lark in the evening and on Sunday we took ourselves off to Leicester by train to see Leicester Tigers play against Montpelier.
 As a rugby virgin this was going to be first experience of a pro Rugby game
 Enjoying a pre-match lunch in Kayal a restaurant that specialises in southern Indian cuisine. L-R Lisa, David L, Me, Amanda and David C.  Joe stayed on the boat with the dogs as we were going to be away too long to leave them home alone.

 Pre match we have the Tiger mascot with the little tiger cubs on the pitch.  Music was playing and crowds were filling the stands.

 Massive cheers and applause for the home team, here enjoying a pre-match group hug
 Slightly less enthusiasm for the opposition group embrace
 Action ! Montpelier have just been squished - this is new matchplay language

I loved it!  I loved the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the crowd.  I was so impressed by the complete lack of threat, no bad language at all and a complete mix of age groups and gender.  what a great experience!  Tigers took a very early lead and were soon a 24 to 6 before Montpelier pulled back.  The game ended in victory for Tigers, 42 to 32.
 Waiting for our train back to market Harborough l-r David C Amanda, Lisa and David L

 The last farewell to the Motley Crew, until next year...
Good night What a Lark!


  1. PLEASE tell me you didn't let Floyd anywhere near that reindeer - it would make small children cry!
    I bet it took a while to wrestle those bells and hankies off of David and Joe. Jill x

    1. No Floyd stayed on the boat with his big brother who by the way,is nine today, safely away from crowds and burgers and hog roasts and cakes and hot dogs. As for the bells and ribbons Joe won't take his off and David is wielding his stave still!
      X Lesley


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