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Friday 13 December 2013

Whiling away winter

Whiling away the winter days doing not very much really.  Most of the pre-Christmas prepping has now been done, just a couple more things to get and wrap and then we will be off to Essex next week for our family festivities.  This coming weekend we are heading to Lincolnshire for a couple of days, staying with friends Val and Alan; I have just washed the dog bedding so the Mutts don't give any cause for complaint from our hosts.....

Joe took himself into Leicester yesterday by train, a twelve minute journey from Harborough, and I took the dogs out towards Corby and East Carlton Country Park - a change from the towpath.

 A view across Northamptonshire from East Carlton.

 The bridleway that runs along the park boundary
 Opposite the church I came across a couple of paddocks with reindeer grazing
 Not sure which one this is but not Rudolph as the nose was definitely not red
Today, Friday, Joe and I went over to Debdale Marina to check on Nb. What a Lark on behalf of David and Lisa and I had a wander around the Foxton lock flight. The work has been completed and the flight is slowly being re-watered.
 Site fencing now removed
 Side pounds being refilled
 C&RT have tidied up this side pound, it was semi-full of rubble, and are now starting to fill it with water

 By Sunday the flight will be fully operational I would think
 I met this fine beast as I approached Debdale, a Kune Kune pig I think? I stopped and offered a back and ear scratch which was met with grunts of appreciation from my piggy friend -  Fletcher and Floyd were less impressed by solicitude .

A happy porker


  1. All looking fantastic out there!

    Just wanted to wish you both a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2014.

    Enjoy yourselves with your family in Essex. Take care, luv,
    Angela, John and Lola (who is now fully recovered) n/b "Ellen" xxoo

    1. And there was us thinking of coming visiting Crick to find you have become landlubbers in Dorset no less!
      X Lesley

  2. Quit telling people how beautiful the area is or it will soon be full.
    I know a couple of farmers who said those piggy wiggies were Gloucester Old Spots, but I didn't think they were.

    1. Lisa what do those farmers know about pigs, I ASK YER..?
      X Lesley


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