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Thursday, 23 January 2014

We have been...

We have been enjoying a bit of winter sun...

We flew out to Tenerife just after Christmas, joining friends who have been taking this type of winter pick-me-up for a number of years now and having wandered about in 23-25 degrees of heat, with wall to wall sunshine each day, we can see the attraction!  Roll on next year.

 Joe enjoying the heat
 Land lubber friends, L-R John, Libby, Val, Alan and Himself
 Mount El Tiede 12 thousand feet above sea level and the third largest volcano in the world with a crater 17 square kilometres.
 12k above sea level with snow on the top of Tiede it was time for the fleeces
 Porto Crux being battered by the sea
Me and friend Val.  We have been friend for over forty years...mere children when we met obviously...


  1. I love the national forest in the way up to Tiede - about one tree every hundred metres!

  2. But Andy there are lots more on the other side! We dropped down through the Green Valley to the north coast and all the Banana plantations. What a strange landscape the geology creates?
    X Lesley


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