Monday, 27 April 2015

Black bottomed and proud of it

Joe and I presented ourselves at Debdale Wharf pretty sharpish this morning as Yarwood was coming out of the shed that she had occupied for the last week and being returned to us and the canal.  After a week in a hotel we were glad to be heading back to our home.

 Pristine tunnel bands

 After loading her onto they trailer Mike drags her clear of the shed and reverses her down to the dock and crane.

 Preparing to lift Yarwood from the trailer..a delicate procedure to ensure they have the balance just right

Once suspended the trailer is driven away.  We had the baseplate blacked as well this time.
 After carefully measuring the area treated on the hull Mike goes off to work out the bill and Yarwood is lowered in the dock.

 After a quick wash down and our luggage loaded back aboard we paid the bill and headed off to find somewhere to moor up for a few days.

 I washed down the other side of the boat so she is ready for a bit of wax in the next few days but first...we are off to retrieve Fletcher and Floyd and get the crew together again.

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