Thursday, 30 April 2015

Visit to the Vet

Tuesday morning we set off to retrieve the dogs, Fletcher and Floyd, from Norfolk where they have been staying with family while Yarwood was blacked. Our two dogs had been great company for Riley, my brother's young Labrador and he is surely going to miss his canine 'cousins' now they are gone.
 Tuesday evening I noticed Floyd mouthing something and then discard it and on closer examination I found it was a tooth or part of a tooth.  Returning to the boat on Wednesday we swung into to Market Harborough and a Vet to get Floyd looked at and the upshot is that he is booked in for a dental operation on least four rear teeth had shattered and need removal!  We think that the most likely candidate for causing the damage is walnuts. Floyd developed a taste for them in Spain and was inclined to rummage under any Walnut tree he came across for the nuts.
I gave him a dose of Metacam, an animal pain killer, last night just in case he was suffering. So tomorrow morning early we have to take our 'little man' into Market Harborough and leave him in the tender hands of the Vet.  Poor little man.


  1. Aaawwww poor baby hope he is ok, they never complain. Rio says he is going to try and give up large stones. Are you and Joe enjoying this icy blast after all that Spanish sunshine !!! Love to you all xx

    1. Cannot say that the chilly April is much appreciated Chris...roll on some warmer weather. I didn't realise that Floyd had a problem until I saw the tooth fragment so he has been suffering in silence for a couple of months it seems.
      Xx Lesley

  2. It's amazing what dogs will put up with without complaint. Hope the op goes well. BTW, Mags hasn't seen that picture yet...

  3. Hi Geoff
    Has she battered you much?


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