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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Dog update

Floyd went into the Vet yesterday morning for his dental operation. I walked with both dogs from Foxton where we are currently moored, into Market Harborough this partly to exercise dogs and self and partly to occupy/distract the dogs who had not had their breakfast. Floyd was forbidden food and it seemed mightily unfair to feed Fletcher and starve Floyd...well he thought so anyway.
Joe met us at the Vet's where we completed the paperwork and left Floyd in their care... Back at the boat we all broke our fast, much to Fletcher's relief and then started a few hours of frenetic activity where I waxed and polished Yarwood and Joe re routed external aerials for the WiFi.  At three the phone rang; Floyd was out of the theatre and had come round we could pick him up at four thirty and see the nurse about aftercare etc.
The upshot is that Floyd had six teeth removed.  The little guy was a bit wobbly but happy to back with his pack for the drive back to the boat, a bit of light food and his warm bed. He has been fine all night, has just eaten some scrambled egg and boiled rice laced with antibiotic and is now fast asleep again.  I will give him a gentle walk today and then he and Fletcher can supervise me while I attempt to restore order to a few cupboards here on Yarwood.  We are on the move again on Monday heading towards Nottingham in the company of Nb. Clarence so we have arranged car hire for next Friday when Floyds needs to return to the Vet for a post op check. Hopefully all will be well and he heals quickly.

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