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Sunday 17 May 2015

What a Gem...

The 'Gem' I refer to is the town of Newark. Yesterday I took the time to have a wander around, or a more extended wander around,  the town was bustling as it was a market day.  This is a medieval town that has retained many ancient buildings and added to them over the centuries, a town with character.  Lots of independent shops and very few charity outlets indicate a thriving town.

This building is The Ossington  built in 1882 as a replica of a 17th Century Coffee Palace in London and opened as a Temperance Hotel i.e, no alcohol..
Detail of Ossington Hall

Jeticed timber framed buildings
The town water pump on the Market Square

This is stunning, a 14th/15th Century galleried timber frame building

Detail of the building above

Behind the market stalls is the palladian style Butter Market and Town hall
Below the spire of St. Mary Magdalen, the bustle of the market place

Yet another 'black and white'

A plaque on the building above

All the street signs are in red and white cast iron
The Danube Restaurant specialising in the foods of the course of the Danube river. Joe and I dined here Friday evening and it was simply lovely.  If we lived in or around Newark this eatery would be a firm favourite.

The Corn Exchange

In the afternoon I joined three other members of the Wash Convoy for a tour of the Castle but that is for another post.

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