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Friday 22 May 2015

Saxilby Walks

On Wednesday Geoff and dog Meg joined the boys and me for an extended walk in the countryside around Saxilby.  All the footpaths are well marked and maintained and there are even village notice boards displaying the rights of way in the parish which for Geoff and myself was a novelty but apparently they do this in Norfolk as well.

 We headed south from Saxilby and soon got a glimpse of our next destination, Lincoln in the east.

 The footpath took us through this strip of planting, about twenty feet deep and the width of the field.
Presumably this is for bees and pollination and is subsidised by the taxpayer but what is it?

 Close up of the plant??  Does anyone know what it is?

 Geoff and the three dogs as we reach the dappled shade and shelter of Old Wood

We were heading for Old Wood which lies between Saxilby and Skettlingthorpe.

 The dogs, particularly Meg, were quite fascinated by this peacock that we came across in the wood

 Meg edging around a field of barley

 Follow the leader..

The last stretch before we get back the Saxilby and the boats. Fletcher and Floyd being followed by a sheep, eh Meg that is of course.


  1. Think the flower might be bee-balm?

  2. Hello Lesley, the plant is Phacaelia, you're right the bees etc. love it.


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