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Tuesday 12 May 2015

A day in Nottingham

It is Monday morning, Nb Seyella have left mid morning because they had been in Nottingham since Friday but the remaining Washers are off for a look around the town and lunch. We have arranged to meet at The Trip to Jerusalem, a famous Nottingham landmark, i.e. a Pub.

 l-r Himself, Sheila, Derek and David

 L-R Lisa, having an incident with her hair, Joe and Sheila's arms..

 L-R Sheila, Derek, Joe, Lisa and David

 The famous Nottingham landmark..
We had decided to introduce Derek and Sheila to South Indian cuisine but having found our restaurant, The Kayal, we discovered that they were closed and their kitchens were being refitted/refurbished so next best thing, Thai.

Lisa, post Thai lunch and ready for some shopping...


  1. Errrr I was the only one who saved her money!

    1. True Lisa, you didn't succumb but you could have..


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