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Wednesday 20 May 2015

Historical Interlude

A couple of days ago when we all piled aboard Nb. Seyella after our cruise to Cromwell Lock there was much talk of books and one of the questions raised was 'Does anybody re-read books?'  Well I for one am definitely in the re-read camp and one of my favourite books is Katherine, by an American author called Anya Seton. The book was first published in 1954, a historical novel that was incredibly well researched about the life of Lady Katherine Swynford.  Katherine's progeny become the forefathers of future Kings of England and American Presidents and it is a book that I have probably gone back to read ten or more times over the last thirty odd years.

Having arrived at Torksey Lock after our cruise up the tidal Trent on Sunday and looking at a Memory-map for somewhere to walk the dogs I found that Kettlethorpe, the home of Katherine Swynford is only a short distance away from our moorings.
When the weather had moderated on the Monday afternoon Nb. Clarence and Nb. Seyella set off for Saxilby and Lisa, David and myself set off on our bikes to find Kettlethorpe.

 Kettlethorpe Manor gateway, the former home of Lady Katherine Swynford

There is little remaining of the former Manor House but the gate and part of the moat survive after 700 years. This is a private home so we were able to see the gate but not the moat.  The author of Katherine stayed here as a guest when she did her research studies in 1952.


St. Peter's and St. Paul's Kettlethorpe
The church is directly across the access road from Kettlethorpe and although amended over the years it would have been part and parcel of Manor life for the Swynfords and their serfs.

 The pulpit is of carved black oak and dates from Tudor times

 We cycled back to Torksey village and had a wee look around before David discovered that his rear tyre was punctured.  We retired to the local inn, The Hume Arms to consider what to do and while we were there we thought to sample the local ale, just a passing thought...

 Brompton bike park

Ah, refreshments

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