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Monday 18 May 2015

Tidal River Trent, Cromwell Lock to Torksey

We had to be ready to pen through Cromwell Lock at 9.30 Sunday morning. The day had started bright but very breezy as I took the dogs for a walk along the Trent Path before we set off.

 Trent Bank Path

 Clouds already beginning to build as we head back to the boats

 Four narrowboats abreast in Cromwell while we wait for a GRP cruiser to join us at the back of the lock

 Here we go as the gates start to open revealing out first sight of 'slack water' that will soon turn into the ebb tide that will assist us downstream to Torksey

 That's Seyella and Clarence away

 And here is Yarwood and What a Lark following them

 Following Clarence

 Seyella and Clarence, we stayed in quite close formation for this stretch

 Floyd observing from the tug deck

 Torksey turn, we are now heading off of the River Trent on to the Fossdyke Navigation

 We have arrived in time to be locked/penned up through Torksey.  The tide has to be right to allow us to get over the lock cill. If we had missed this 'window' we would have moored on the pontoons below the lock and waited for the next tide.

 All manoeuvring to get in the lock and secured before the lock is filled

 And we are away. Seyella and Clarence leading off to find moorings.

 All moored up on 72hr moorings that are just the right height for narrowboats again, yippee, the dogs were pleased as well.
We are now of course in Lincolnshire


  1. Lincolnshire - home to dykes, drains and ditches - and rotting brassicas! Lovely.

  2. You cynic Amanda...not a rotting cabbage in sight here, or their smell for that matter. Are you joining us soon?
    X Lesley

  3. I do hope so. Break up on Friday. Crick on Sunday. Just waiting for the Logistics and Planning Committee to give me some clues as to where and when. Sounds as if meetings descend in to gin and beer with a touch of Lemoncello fuelled yakking sessions!!

    1. This would be the influence of you best friend Lisa..the rest of us are Temperance members of course..

  4. No rotting cabbages here but getting close to Norfolk Turnip Toffs.....

    1. Think our neighbours won't like being described as turnips!


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