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Saturday 6 June 2015

All Washed up and half way there

It's Thursday and it has dawned beautifully sunny and windless for our crossing of the Wash.  A WhatsAp message goes around the group of  'Washers' to say we will start off for the lock at 9.15 in the order we go into the lock.  

 Nb. What a Lark is first into the lock so of they go, we are next so just casting off to follow them down to the Grand Sluice Lock

 Following WaL into the Lock

 Nb. Clarence follows us down and he will slip in between WaL and Yarwood

 Joe and Derek getting Nb. Clarence secured to Yarwood's stern

 I think Lisa is getting her husband David slavered in sun block

Sarah and Andy and Ship's dog Floyd on the tug deck anticipating the opening of the lock gates.  No sun block for this rufty-tufty pair but our guests looked a bit more 'ruddy' at the end of the trip!

 Clarence leads off followed by What a Lark

After 30 minutes waiting in the lock for the tidal Witham to reach the level of the non tidal river the gates are opened and we have two and half minutes to get out before they are closed again, no time to dither about then.

We are  now on the tidal stretch of The Haven and about to pass under St. Boltoph's tower

 Looking back towards the lock Seyella and Panacea have followed us out

 Andy and Floyd check out some of the commercial boats tied against the haven walls

We were warned to expect quite a 'race' as the tide narrows through the swing bridge

 Here comes Nb Seyella with Mags and Geoff - Where's you hat Mags?
A fishing boat overtakes us
Sarah takes the helm while Joe fiddles with the marine radio

 Here we are out of the Haven and into the Wash.  Just a smidgen of turbulence and then calm again.  The tea shirts have been supplemented with sweat shirts as the wind is cooling of the coast but conditions are perfect.

 Seyella making a photo op
Geoff and Margaret
 Nb. What a Lark takes the lead of the convoy, they had Daryl our Pilot aboard, Nb Clarence drops back to number two boat as we play follow-the-leader.

 A lovely elegant motor yacht ...the crew were very interested in the convoy of five ditch crawlers....or was it a mirage?

 The weather conditions were conducive to a beaching on a sandbank for lunch. WaL turns 90 degrees and takes her bow on to the sandbank followed by Clarence.

 WaL is aground and Clarence follows suit

 Now we start the turn

 NB Panacea turning in to beach

 Amanda capturing the moment from WaL's cabin top

 Derek talking to the Pilot

 Lots of these about

 Here we be, five narrowboats beached on a sandbank in the Wash

 The dogs were beside themselves with glee, Floyd and Fletcher were swimming, Meg was paddling.


 Got It!

David Lewis, Derek and Sheila enjoy a celebratory glass of fizz! The smiles say it all.
The food came out and the beers, ,tea, whatever the requirement, and a happy band wandered about and paddling of just sat and talked.  So far it had been a brilliant experience and the weather had blessed us.
The boats had behaved really well considering the environment they are designed.
From Sandbank to Wisbech harbour tomorrow.


  1. It's great having so many bloggers on the same trip -- loads of photos of each other! Definitely a trip that's on the must do list.

  2. The good company was the making of this trip Adam...and the weather, and the views of course!

  3. Doggie heaven! Amazing trip and great photos. Thanks for sharing.


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