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Saturday 6 June 2015

Stump's,Tea and Scone and Company

Stump's Tea and Scone and Company is not an infamous firm of solicitors but a rather rough summing up of our last day in Boston.  With our crossing of the Wash cancelled for Monday the first of June we all slipped into Boston to use the services and found the visitor moorings were far better than anticipated so we all stayed.  Good secure moorings on pontoons with water and rubbish to hand and a five day limit.
The next window for our crossing was likely to be Thursday so on Wednesday afternoon we were summoned to the Lockeeper's office for a briefing on lock procedure and safety and mathematics and seals and pensions and navigation lights and what we needed to do if we have to turn back; a jolly time was had by all.....

 The Stump

On Wednesday morning ahead of our briefing three valiant 'washers' went up the 'Stump', the tower of famous Boston parish church of St. Boltoph's and while they did that the wiser three went off to sit in the sunshine at a café on the market square and enjoy a cuppa and a scone.

 Margaret of Nb. Seyella was trying out here new lightweight folding wheelchair so that we could all get out and about together.

Lisa, Nb. What a Lark (WaL) was orderer of teas and sustenance and while Geoff, David and Sheila climbed the tower we sat and waited for them in civilised surroundings. 
 l-r Lisa, Amanda, Joe, Sheila, Derek and Andy
By early evening the various visitors that were able to join us for the crossing had turned up and were sprawled out on bits of pontoon and deck talking and talking and talking, and drinking.  

Sarah talking to David and David aboard Nb.What a Lark

We ended up going to bed at 11.30pm knowing that if we were lucky the dogs would let us stay there until maybe six, maybe not and the day for our big adventure was fast looming.

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