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Saturday 17 September 2011

Masked -up

Build day 34-35
Joe and I/me went up to the paint shop yesterday to see the progress made on Yarwood but first we touched base with Stuart Harper (Barnowl Narrowboats) to discuss the galley layout and battery chargers; you might hazard a guess at where Joe's interest lay...

Earlier in the week we had met with Jim Holmes of PB Batteries to agree the size of battery bank he was recommending for Yarwood and now Stuart and Joe were on the hunt for the appropriate battery charger to suit.  There will be more on electrics later but I might get Himself to blog about that subject.
Anyway back to Yarwood and paint..
Masked up in readiness for the application of three coats of epoxy primer to the cabin.  The reason for the masking of the hull sides is that the primer reacts with blacking i.e. the blacking softens the primer and it lifts off, taking the blacking with it of course.

The hatchway into the hold is masked to protect the paintwork in the hold.  Three coats of grey primer and a topcoat of grey gloss have completed the job inside the hold.

On Monday the rest of the paint arrives so late next week we should begin to see Yarwoods's livery emerge..

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