Thursday, 15 September 2011

Painting started

Build day 26 - 33

Yarwood was moved into the paintshop a week last Monday.  All of the first week was spent in cleaning and preparing the shell for painting on on Monday this week the first paint was applied.  A coat of buff coloured primer was sprayed on the inside of the boat, see below.

 The primers waiting to be applied - best part of £900's worth - ouch!
Looking into the hold through the deck hatch/lid; grey primer throughout

Applying the 'zinc' based primed, the first of three coats.  This paint is so thick it has to be pumped to the spray gun and when dry it is very hard. 

Cabin top (above) and forward hatch (below) after two coats of Zinc primer

After the basecoat, the zinc primer, has gone off three coats of epoxy primer will be sprayed on before they even think about the top coats.  We will visit again on Friday, day 35, to review progress.


  1. Coming along well. Pooh I would be running out of patienc

  2. Hi Jill
    There has been enough progress made at each of our visits slack our thirst for Yarwood's completion but....roll-on.
    X Lesley


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