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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Retro fitting

We decamped last Thursday having stripped Yarwood of cooker, woodburner/stove, carpet, chairs and port side cabinets from the saloon and left her in the 'tender' hands of Roger Farrington of Braunston Boats and his angle grinder and welding torch.   We arrived back this afternoon to find that Yarwood now boasts  an  enlarged gas locker hatch and cover.  Work here included a guard for the gas regulator to prevent potential accidents with errant 13kg gas bottles as they are  hauled in and out of a confined space.  The locker lid is now in a pleasing grey primer but it will soon to be painted in raddle red after Joe has scrubbed out the gas locker and treated the innards to a coat of bilge paint.

 Enlarged gas locker hatch and lid

 New slide hatch and doors
We now also have a new slide hatch and doors that will give access from the tug deck into the saloon.  This is something we should have specified when Yarwood was built but you live and learn and pays an expensive penalty for the retro fitting! 
In the next few days we anticipate (read pray) that the internal alterations necessary to accommodate access into the saloon and the necessary making good will proceed a pace.  I will update tomorrow..
Internal view of fore slide hatch and doors

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