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Thursday 3 July 2014

For Sale...

No, not Yarwood!

We are about to have some changes made aboard Yarwood and to accommodate these changes we are selling some items.  We intend to place them on Ebay next week but here they are on the blog first.

First up, two Wilsons Captains chairs.  These are two and a half years old and in good condition, Ox blood colour, footstools NOT included.   They retail at over £500 each and we are looking for £250 for the pair.

Also to go is our Lilyking 5kw red enamelled multi fuel stove. Also two and half years old.  This retails at £669 and we are looking to sell for £250. The rear firebrick has a crack but otherwise it is in very good condition.

And finally, a Cannon Connemara LPG cooker, 500mm wide, two and half years old and retailing for £341.  Selling for a £100. This cooker originally came with a glass lid. However it was removed as it could not be opened against the tumblehome.

We are in the Braunston area and all this items will be available from next week.  If anyone is interested email me at: elesk5411@gmail.com


  1. The price tag on Joe? Tee hee. Are you going for a flash new range/aga type cooker?

    1. Hi Jill
      No range cooker, not my thing, but a rather good looking glass hob with cast iron trivets and a new cooker. Also a cream sofa bed and a brass Refleks stove and....
      X Lesley

  2. Is the fire still for sale?

  3. Are you having a Topline hob? I'd like one on,QISMA,!!


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