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Sunday 29 June 2014

Historic Boats and lunch with Friends

We were collected by car this morning as we loitered at the nearest bridge to where Yarwood is moored.  The What a Lark crew, David and Lisa, turned up in their car to pick us up and transport us to Braunston for the Historic Narrowboat Rally.  David and Lisa had never been to the rally and were keen correct this omission and had also arranged to meet our 'stalkers' and their 'boat sharers', aka David and Amanda.   I had booked a table at The Admiral Nelson for lunch so once the cars were parked off we went to view the boats and watch the parade.  Today fortunately the weather was much better than yesterday with sunshine rather than heavy rain showers which are always going to put a damper, excuse pun, on any outside activities.

 Nutfield and Raymond reversing on to their mooring
With Raymond moored up we were given the opportunity of a tour of the boat with and explanation of how a family lived on board and operated the boat, all very interesting.  I found a handsome brass lamp (tunnel lamp) that we subsequently bought for Yarwood and now awaits Joe time and ministrations to get it fitted.

 A pair leaving and heading up the flight as we arrived at the Admiral Nelson for our lunch

 A busy and popular canalside pub/restaurant

 There's always one!  Lunch in the Admiral
L-R David C, David L, Lisa C, Joe and Amanda L
It gets worse...but it amused everyone else

 Watching boats, Amanda, Lisa and David

 And coming down the locks are a pair, Kangaroo and Australia, that are actually working

 Loaded with bags of granite chips and rafted together

 Scumbled cabin tops and polished brass gleaming

How lovely is that?


  1. Did you visit Caxton while you were there

    1. We did indeed. The new owners, George and Sue, are delighted with their new boat and we have arranged to meet up next week when we take Yarwood into Braunston.

  2. Hello you; still don't have a phone since crossing the border into France but have internet back. Have been able to contact Sue (NP) through Facebook (I wish you would do Facebook) and she said you were really well and had done Hatton together, but now caught your back blogs and have seen that.You would have hated Belgium but France is everything we ever dreamed of.

    1. Yeah Belguim looked like a bad version of the lower Gt. Ouse, not appealing at all and I could imagine you were less than enamoured. However, now you are in France things appear to be looking up for you at last. Jean ( ex Nb. enchantress) has also been pressing me to do Facebook but I have been lazy about taking the leap...I may do.
      Now waiting outside Braunston for work to be done on a Yarwood.
      Take care, enjoy frog vile
      X Lesley

  3. Did you get that? Bloody computer


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