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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Something for the weekend Sir?

Thursday we wandered into Wheaton Aston and got some provisions from the village shop, visited the farm and bought a tray of free range eggs and enjoyed a pint of Banks Bitter outside the Hartley Arms.  Come Friday morning we moved quietly across the cut to moor on the quay by the garage and await their opening so we could fill the genny tank with the best priced diesel on the cut.   That done we then pulled through the bridge on to the services below the lock and filled and emptied the necessaries and I gave the side of the boat a quick wash down before wandering up to prepare the only lock of the day.

 Viewed from the garage, Joe filling Yarwood's forward tank with diesel

 Serviced and heading for Wheaton Aston lock
 Immediately pass the lock and bridge 18 I had to duck under someones idea of mooring up???

 I spotted this on the wharf at Stretton bank, I suspect a Joey boat but I am sure someone will KNOW what it is.

 Moored opposite the wharf was Tycho, a WJ Yarwood built  Middle Northwich, "V" bottomed with round chines, Star class that was converted to an icebreaker in 1942.

 Tycho's fore end with its 5 foot ice breaking appendage

 The lovely Stretton Aqueduct crossing Watling Street (A5)
 Yarwood crossing the Stretton Aqueduct
 Brewood village viewed from the canal

 More reflections, Yarwood coming through Avenue Bridge built as access to Chillington Hall

Needing 'something for the weekend' i.e. a mooring with TV signal for the F1 Grand Prix, we moored up on the stretch between bridge 8 and bridge 7, getting out the shears to hack back the vegetation and as the sun was out in all her glory we got out the chairs and the kindles, changed trousers for shorts and slobbed relaxed in the sunshine.  The fast day went for a burton when we decided to add a beer to the mix and then a glass of wine; you see no self control, shameful!

It was in  this relaxed and sleepy condition that a couple of fellow bloggers found us...and tried to slip pass but we were having none of that we soon had Nb. Wandering Bark secured alongside Yarwood and a glass of wine in Andy and Helen's hands!

 L-R  Me, Helen and Andy
 L-R Himself, Helen and Andy

Andy one of Andy's infamous 'selfies'


  1. What great photos.... The t shirt and smiles say it all !!


    1. Hi Nev
      You are right, happy, happy boaters!!

  2. It was great to see you guys - a lovely bonus. We bade it to Coven at just after 9.00pm in the end! That boat at Stretton is indeed a BCN Day / Joey Boat awaiting a conversion. The trouble is that its impossible to figure out what it will cost.

    1. Hi Andy
      We were delighted to meet up with you guys again but as you were arriving at Coven we were heading for our bed...with just the smidgen of a headache I do believe
      X Lesley

    2. PS. I am so pleased that I am beginning to recognise these historic boats...being right is just so uplifting!


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