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Monday, 9 June 2014

Biblical Floods over the weekend

Come Saturday morning and a discussion on the meteorological prognosis (weather forecast) for the day we abandoned the idea of walking as a family into Bilbrook for fresh bread rolls and a copy of the Saturday Times (our routine weekend treat, bacon or sausage rolls and hours spent perusing the newspaper) and instead I dragged the cycle out of the hold and set off along the overgrown towpath alone towards bridge 4 and a Tesco Express in Bilbrook village.  I bumped my way along the towpath for a couple of miles getting off and walking when I thought that the bumps were getting to the point that they might bump me into the cut..

I rode up into the village and eventually located the Tesco Express store.
Dumping the cyle outside in I went and as I did so  the sky went VERY dark,
Apocalypse dark...,
ightening rent the sky and thunder roiled and then the heavens opened and a biblical flood lashed the streets.
I paid for my newspaper.

No rolls.

No vino before 8am...I was in the shop at 6.30am

So with my rather depleted shop I pulled the storm cover over my rucksack, threw a leg over the bike and headed off back to the canal with lightening flashing and rain lashing and me thinking that as long as I stay on the cycle I was probably okay and unlikely to be cooked by a lightening strike...
would I know much about it??

I arrived back at the boat soaked to the skin and praying that the newspaper wasn't similarly drenched or what would have been the point of the excursion? 
The paper was fine
Joe was busy preparing to cook our breakfast and he had thoughtfully ran the central heating for hot water..
I stripped and showered
He cooked and served
A very civilised couple of hours followed.
And, I finished the crossword!

 Weekend mooring


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