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Saturday, 28 June 2014


We are now moored out near bridge 102 outside of Braunston.   It is the Historic, or as Joe insists, the Hysteric, Boat Rally so Braunston is likely to be rammed with boats and gongoozlers.  Our visitors Adam and Adrian of Nb Briar Rose called in to see us and Yarwood before Joe then joined them for a lift into Braunston where himself was getting a newspaper and a loaf and Adam and Adrian were going to join Sarah on Nb Chertsey for the parade.  It is now teeming with rain!!  It may be some time before I see my husband again as he went off with no coat and planned to walk back..
What's the betting that someones mood will be as black as the sky currently is??

Joe, Adam and Adrian


  1. Well I saw him packing a coat in his bag before he left, and he was last seen on the towpath in Braunston with an umbrella, so I'm sure he's fine. He must be back by now, anyway...

    1. The coat was still in the bag and he arrived back shortly after I posted. Surprisingly, not grumpy...
      X Lesley

  2. Keep him not grumpy I say.

  3. When you pass through Braunston, you might catch sight of your old boat Caxton nestling in front of the flats near the shop in the marina. If that happens to be on Sunday and you have the time, stop by and say hello!
    George & Sue


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