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Thursday 5 June 2014

Drayton to Shebdon

We left our weekend mooring above Audlem on Monday morning and headed up the Adderley lock flight towards Market Drayton.  Mooring n the 48hr moorings short of the services in MD we went into town to tax the car ahead of getting it out of storage towards the end of the month, get some food  shopping and importantly, some treats for Fletcher and Floyd.

Moored in Market Drayton
We arrived back at the boat just ahead of the heavens opening...again.
President and Kildare rafted up for the night
Early the next morning we moved forward on to the services and did the necessary and while we were filling and emptying tanks the crew of historic working boats Nb. President and Butty Kildare were making use of the shower facilities at the service block.   The historic working pair were on their way to Chester for this coming weekend.

While some of the crew were getting themselves washed and brushed up for the day others were coaling up President's boiler and polishing brass

Just out of Market Drayton are the five Tyrley locks and here are the first two

Evil side streams without effective diverters.. ready to catch both the unwary AND the wary!

This beast of a stream is about to snatch Yarwood and slam her into the lock cheek; himself was not amused and both steerer and lock-fairy remained tight lipped about the incident...

The dogs and I got back on the boat to go through Woodseaves cutting. From memory this stretch of towpath is always Somme like in its gloopiness and with the amount of heavy rain falling overnight it was sure to be dire.
I should have stayed aboard for the remainder of the journey but no, out I get after the cutting to give the dogs some exercise but the towpath was so overgrown that within yards I was soaked up and beyond my waist.  I had to tuck my camera and phone under my bra strap on my shoulder to keep then dry and by the time I did get back on the boat I was just a tag grumpy.

The 'Veg pledge' needs reviving I think
There is a towpath in there somewhere?
We moored for the day at Shebdon Wharf which was quiet and peaceful


  1. Jeepers and I thought they were bad on the K&A.

  2. Himself was Not a happy bunny..I kept very quiet indeed..you get the gist?
    X Lesley

  3. Those side streams can be vicious, as we know to our cost. We may well meet up if we aren't past Great Haywood before you get there, if you are eading that way.
    Pip x

  4. Had a look at the map again - I suspect that you may head through Brum and not use the Staffs and Worcs - let me know which route you are taking.
    Pip xxx

    1. Hi Pip
      Given that we have about a month before we are due in Braunston we are going south on the Staffs and Worcester to Stourport, on to to R. Severn to Droitwich and then up the Tardebigge etc.
      hopefully we will catch you both later in the year.
      X Lesley


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