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Monday, 2 June 2014

Weekend at Audlem

We had an excellent run into Audlem on Friday, servicing the boat beside the Shroppie Fly while  The Cheese Boat reversed up through the lock and moored in their prime trading position alongside the pub for the weekend.

The Shroppie Fly
Most of the boat traffic was heading north so all the locks were in our favour as we worked up through the flight and all weekend there was a lot of activity.   Volunteer lock keepers were out and also a team of volunteers scrapping old paint from lock beams and applying new paint.

 One of the benefits of C&RT, a growing army of volunteers to get things done.

 Moored behind The Cheese Boat is Sue Cawson's  Nb.Thea resplendent in it's new shiny livery.

 This is the boat that always 'turned my head' and influenced the build of Yarwood.  Nb. Thea is the genuine article, a 1936 Star Class Middle Northwich built by WJ Yarwood.

 I love the bow...and the boat
We stayed moored up above the locks for the whole weekend with the local farmer busy cutting hay on Friday and Saturday and 'turning it' - there is probably a technical term that my farming buddies will make me aware of - to get it dry.  He, the farmer, was busy until gone eleven last night.
 Hay cut and hopefully, drying

 Our weekend mooring


  1. I love those moorings at Coxbank, one of my favourites. I think we had Christmas there on Debdale one year.

    1. We passed Debdale yesterday... The mooring was lovely, not the best but definitely a good one for the weekend and the sun came out what a bonus!
      X Lesley

  2. Hay or silage?
    NB WaL

    1. Hay I believe. Don't they cut and gather silage in one operation?
      X Lesley


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