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Monday, 23 June 2014

Alvechurch Weekend etc.

What a cracking weekend and what a difference good weather can and does make.  On Friday afternoon having secured a mooring I say out in the sunshine and read my ebook and chatted to passersby.   On Saturday morning Himself and I caught the train into Birmingham ( the train station is but a two minute walk from the mooring) where I bought a new Kindle Paperwhite as my current Kindle is becoming a bit flakey, some more shorts, dog treats at the market and sirloin steak because Himself fancied meat for a change.
On Sunday we had visitors!
Graham and Evelyn Booth, he of Waterways World and boat fit-out fame and she of Lockside Antiques, came a calling bringing with them their two Labrador girls, Amber and Ruby.   With such lovely weather we sat outside the boat and coffee'd, caked and chatted for a couple of hours before our visitors took their leave and Joe and I went across to The Weighbridge for Sunday lunch.

Sunday visitors, L-R Evelyn, Graham, Joe, Floyd, Ruby and Amber

 The Weighbridge pub tucked behind the Alvechurch Wharf
We 'discovered' The Weighbridge when Yarwood was launched at Alvechurch and we found ourselves immediately iced-in.  The Landlady is vegetarian so the veggie options are more imaginative and extensive than the usual veggie fare offered by pubs so yesterday while Joe enjoyed a Lamb rogan curry I tucked into apricot and goats cheese nut roast with lots and lots of fresh seasonal vegetables... absolutely lovely!
We watched the F1 Grandprix in the evening and at just after nine pm the boat moored across the cut on longterm moorings fired up his engine!!  He ran the engine for the next couple of hours, BBQ'd and played music; I was less than impressed and can only hope that his bloody engine seizes up very soon! What a tosser!

Watering and Hopwood
 This morning we slipped away at 6.30, watered at Hopwood just up the road and headed off towards Kings Norton where we turned right onto the North Stratford and made our way to Hockley Heath some 15 miles in all.

This evenings mooring, Hockley Heath

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