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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sitting in the sunshine at the summit of the Audlem flight, himself splicing fenders and the dogs supervising.
It was a bit of a rude awakening this morning when two boats went through heading north at 5.15am.  I had just dropped off again having been awoken by Floyd who was searching for the 'breakfast fairy' at ten to five when the throbbing of a trad engine released me from Morpheus's arms barely half an hour later.
Dogs fed and tea made we were enjoying a bit more time in bed when the engine of the boat moored on our button started up.   Another early starter I says, or something along those lines, but instead of hearing the gear engage and the prop bite as he pulled away the engine thumped happily away while the crew prepared to leave.  And it thumped on and on for the next nine minutes before moving off towards the lock by which time he was being described in rather different terms by me!  What possesses someone to run their engine at six in the morning next to other occupied boats before prepping the boat for the off?

The boat in question, White Bear, or Little White Bear of Whittlesey.

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