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Friday 30 May 2014

Travelling through the salt towns

Bank Holiday Monday the sun won its battle with the rain and we pulled pins and headed off towards Middlewich where we were going to service the boat and get in some more fresh food from Tesco's. We got through Big lock and moored up on the visitor moorings and set off with rucksacks to the store getting everything packed away whilst we watered the boat. The sun had brought out the boating community and there was the usual queues getting through the locks but we made steady progress and chatting to fellow boaters at locks is part and parcel of boating anyway..

Yarwood passing Croxton Flash on the T&M

On the Middlewich, Nantwich bound
We turned onto the Wardle canal and through the first lock onto the Middlewich Arm of the Shropshire Union canal.  We found ourselves a remote mooring for the night in the countryside.   The next morning we set off again with the intention of getting to Nantwich.
 Making the turn on to the Shropshire Union Canal from the Middlewich Arm

 Moored by Nantwich basin
We moored on the 24hr visitor moorings by the basin but every boat that passed caused Yarwood to scrape on the 'shroppie shelf' much to Joe's irritation and Fletcher's consternation.   After a flying visit into town where we bought a stack of motorhome magazines to browse/devour ahead of a potential life change in a couple of years time. 
 Yarwood serviced and away out of Nantwich
Wednesday morning, kitted out in full wet gear we serviced Yarwood and left town again but on the way I spotted a familiar boat moored just along from the services, Nb. Ellen.  Jon and Angela had been at the Audlem music festival over the BH weekend and had only just arrived in Nantwich.  I stopped a chatted for 10 minutes or so and then had to run along the towpath to catch up with Himself and the boat...the old ticker was having a *'goodness gracious' moment by the time I caught up!
*And who know/recalls what I refer to here?

 And lookee here, fellow bloggers, Angela and Jon on  Nb. Ellen moored just along from our overnight mooring at Nantwich
Angela and Lola...
Jon got pushed out of the shot by the dog!


  1. Ooh, motorhomes....must talk about them next time then! Lots of synergies with narrowboating we've found...but they've also got their own charms and challenges!

  2. "where we bought a stack of motorhome magazines to browse/devour ahead of a potential life change in a couple of years time"

    Those ex Caxton Aussies have a lot to answer for.... They are certainly making motor homing an interesting option.

    1. Spot on Nev. it's all Paul and Elaine's fault! We absolutely love our lives on the canals but the box will come around too quickly so a new experience in the sun is attractive before we get too frail to embrace it!

  3. Sarah
    We are thinking of buying a MH and clearing off to Europe in a couple of years. I currently favour an A class but we will have the next couple of years to scope and plan before decision time. We are learning towards a merc base vehicle because we like RWD ...probably go for a left hander as well.
    Here is to hours of discussion on the subject!
    X Lesley

  4. This is something else we have been researching Lesley!! David loves the idea of Europe by MH and a lot of the layout and storage ideas mirror narrowboats. David favours B├╝rstners. Lots of clever stuff on them. It seems to be a natural follow on from boating. We will have to talk!!!

    1. I have my eye on a Frankia MH but we are going to take ourselves off to the Midland Motorhome thingy at Stafford show ground in July to have an initial look around.
      Watch this space..
      X Lesley


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