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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekend at Hassall Green

Checking our Nicholson’s guide I selected Hassall Green as a possible place to moor up for the weekend, a shop for the Saturday paper and a pint of milk and a couple of pubs for that welcome pint as it were.   Arriving after five hours cruising and seventeen locks we found an ideal mooring, on rings, a wide towpath margin, lovely views and good prospect for dog walking over the coming weekend.   Once moored up we took a walk into Hassal Green to find that the shop had closed over two years ago, and both , yes both, pubs were no more! Oh Bugger. Still not the end of the world, the mooring still ticked lots of boxes, there was beer and vino on board, dog walking to hand etc., we just needed to sort the Saturday paper and a few bits of shopping.  Joe checked the world wide web and established what bus he could catch into ‘civilisation’, in this case Sandbach, and on Saturday morning off he went with a little list to get the goodies.  When he arrived back I cooked our usual Saturday breakfast and we then spent the next couple of hours in our weekend routine, reading the Times from top to tail, doing the crosswords and generally taking things easy. 
Simple pleasures..
Hassall Greem T&M 001

Hassall Greem T&M 003
Just across the field from our mooring a typical Cheshire ‘black and white’, a timber framed building formerly a farm house and now the headquarters of Crimewatch.
After paper reading and  dog walking we sat outside and enjoyed the lovely sunshine on Saturday afternoon.  Come Sunday I took the dogs of to find the ‘Salt Line’, a dismantled railway now a footpath/cycleway running between Sandbach and Rhode Heath.
Hassall Greem T&M 002

Hassall Green 2 001

Hassall Green 2 005
Hassall Green 2 010
And whilst the dogs and I were exploring the Salt Line Floyd fell in love…big time with a big time girl
Hassall Green 2 011
Meet Molly, a brown marle Great Dane, 18months old, and beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Floyd wasn’t the only one smitten by her!
Hassall Greem T&M 005
Come Sunday I walked the dogs again and then we stripped Yarwood’s cabin top and scrubbed it and then treated the fore  deck to similar treatment. Another job done.


  1. The best kind of pleasures!

  2. Indeed Amanda. We do like our Saturday routine/ritual and I am sure News Corporation wouldn't argue.
    X Lesley


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