Friday, 2 May 2014

Congleton To Ramsdell Hall

With heavy rain forecast for Thursday we thought that would be a good day to sit tight and not cruise so come Wednesday morning Joe took the bike and went into Congleton leaving me to do boat work, vacuuming, washing floors etc. and when he returned we set off towards Ramsdell Hall some three and half miles further south.

Heading under the flyover and pass the rail station
Through Morris bridge, a 'snake' or 'turnover' bridge that takes the towpath to the other side of the cut

Passing Congleton Wharf now residential but still looking good
Everywhere is awash with bluebells ... the pink flower is I think Campion?
This pair have been in and out of the canal swimming after sticks
Hall Green, the end/start of the Macclesfield canal...getting close now
Lots of this attractive delicate idea what it is though
 And here we have Ramsdell Hall built in 1760.  The azaleas in the border are in full bloom and quite stunning as is the Hall.

We walked pass the Hall and these railings at the front of Ramsdell Hall that were installed/erected as part of the 'deal' with the owners of Ramsdell Hall when the canal went through, and headed for a much needed desired pint at The Rising Sun Scholar Green.

And where we had enjoyed a pint of Pedigree the dogs were more concerned with their treat, pork scratchings no less!

The Rising Sun
Ramsdell Hall..
another shot on our way back to Yarwood


  1. Isn't that a great mooring? Our favourite last year going up and back. Did you tramp over the fields to theta AMAZING NT Property, the name of which escapes me...?
    I am glad someone else is getting rain something like we have had done here!!! I have worn wellies everyday so far.
    Off biking today, David has a route marked out, See you both soon in the Admiral Nelson?

  2. Hi Lisa
    The NT place is Little Moreton Hall which we have visited in the past. You have a date in the Admiral Nelson!!!
    X Lesley


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