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Friday 2 May 2014

Gurnett Aqueduct To Congleton Aqueduct

We were away sharpish on Tuesday morning with the Bosley lock flight to look forward to and then a run on down to Congleton Aqueduct where we planned to moor overnight.

Such a poser...
These three were fascinated by the two dogs on the other side of the canal from their pasture

Once we have slipped through Danes Moss we encounter the first of the swing bridges of the day.  This is Broadhurst swing bridge, manually operated and  simply linking a public footpath.
And off he goes while I close the bridge and then catch up to prepare the next swing bridge at Oak Grove
Royal Oak swing bridge which is hydraulically operated with all the barriers and bells that halt the traffic!
Adjacent to Royal Oak swing bridge is the Fools Nook pub, sadly closed and up for sale.  We have enjoyed some pleasant lunches here in the past.
Working boat Nb. Alton and butty St. Austell on their moorings at Oak Grove
At the summit of the Bosley flight we serviced Yarwood and then started our descent.

The pound between lock 5 and lock 6 was so low that Yarwood grounded so I flushed water down to get her a float and kept on flushing water until Joe had got her safely into lock 6 and the top gates were closed.  I then cycled super fast back up the flight to close all paddles.

My flushing had almost emptied the pound above as you can see above

Joe in charge o the camera as I am too busy cycling, winding and heaving oak lock gates about

The view from the steerer's perspective

The lockie salutes
Once we were at the bottom of the flight I slung the bike on to Yarwood's deck and walked the towpath to Congleton Aqueduct where we moored up and had some lunch.  In the afternoon I then cycled into Congleton along the Biddulph Way, another ex railway line.


  1. I think I would have had a lie down....

  2. Lisa
    I did..most of Thursday you would have found me in a recumbent position reading and snoozing!
    X Lesley

  3. I would be just warming up!

    1. That, Amanda, is because you are a young thing whereas I am now older and wiser and anyway, I would be locking on my own minus a boat as Joe would have called it a day and be moored up with tea/beer/vino to hand!
      X Lesley


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