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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Year Zero

Mrs Blogger went off early to visit mum. Well I assume she has gone as I didn't see her hanging around the car park waiting for the taxi to take her to the railway station. 

It being a sunny day at last I decided to explore the surrounding countryside with the boys sans wellies and wet gear.  Just as I was getting ready to leave there was a knock on the door and very nice lady introduced herself as Chris from nb AmyJo, who, as you can see from their blog, have a smart Fernwood boat. I was rather surprised to discover this happy, relaxed woman was actually in charge of a bunch of 5 year olds going on the trip boat down onto the River Weaver. I didn't see Chris coming back so she might have been a bit frazzled by then.

The intention was to walk the boys and then take them to the pub, but as it was Wednesday I decided to go back and watch Daily Politics as I like crinkle bonce and sometimes PMQs are worth watching. Today was poor. Dave spouted employment statistics as part of his reply to most questions and Ed conveniently forgot about the mess his lot made of the Kraft/Cadbury takeover. Should have gone to the pub.

I thought I would take a few photies of the surrounding area when I took the boys out this afternoon so I explored Mrs Bloggers camera cupboard. An area, bearing in mind the confines of a narrowboat, I have never visited. It was like going to Jessops during a stock take and I eventually found a small camera which looked well worn and I probably couldn't damage. Unfortunately the battery was flat so after some more rummaging found a charger which may possibly be the correct item. It is currently charging and is not too hot so fingers crossed.

I'm taking Yarwood up to the marina in the morning and might actually do some chores, but as the cats away etc. who knows?  

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