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Thursday 22 May 2014

Strange marketing policy

Apologies for the lack of blogs. I bumped up against the unfathomable Tmobile fair use policy. 

Today I received an email from Symantec (various Norton anti-virus products) informing me that our subscription was due for renewal on-line for £64.99 a significant increase from the £29.99 we paid last year. Minimal hunting on the web revealed that I could purchase the same product from Norton for £54.99 (UK) while the USA price is $49.99. I will probably go for Bitdefender as it has had a good review in one of the computer comics and costs a lot less.

Mrs Blogger is back and we have moved out to Billinge Green Flash, near Broken Cross, so normal service will resume shortly.


  1. I wouldn't waste my money on Nortons. If you want a free antivirus program try Avast but I find the Windows Defender that comes free from Microsoft does an excellent job!
    Just my option

    1. Thanks Tom,
      I tend to change AV software annually and have had free versions of better known products such as AVG. However, as a personal preference I tend towards paid up versions for multiple PC installations as they all expire at the same time and have useful ad-ons, but will not pay twice the price for Norton.


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