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Monday, 5 May 2014

Salt lake City aka Middlewich

After a pleasant weekend at Hassal Green we set off at 7.30 this morning with the aim of getting to Middlewich.  We had ten locks to do to get us as far as Wheelock Wharf where we could service the boat so the washing machine and tumble dryer were pressed into service in anticipation of fresh water supplies at Wheelock.  I set off with the dogs and trusty bicycle, which I only fell off once if you don’t count the close encounter with a blackthorn hedge, so a reasonably successful trip on the bike; I did manage to drop my long-throw windlass in the cut however, a cause for a few expletives I admit.  Now to date ( am I testing fate here?) I haven’t lost a windlass in five an a half years out here, a smart phone, a couple of cameras and a pair of glasses, have gone to their watery graves but until today I have managed to keep a grasp of this most important of implements.
Hassall Green to Middlewich 001
Lock 57, the first of the day
Hassall Green to Middlewich 003
Back into ‘paired locks’ at lock 59

Hassall Green to Middlewich 013
Wheelock Wharf
Hassall Green to Middlewich 016
Yarwood just taking our leave of the Wheelock services as another boat comes in to use them
The last time we were here we met Adam and Adrian on Nb. Debdale, now of Nb Briar Rose, and if I recall correctly we moored up and went out for a drink with them that evening.
Swan and cynet
My first cynets of this year
Hassall Green to Middlewich 024
Another first.. the first Canal and River Trust lockgate plaque I have seen
Hassall Green to Middlewich 027
Dandelion seed heads
Hassall Green to Middlewich 028
Nearly into Middlewich now
Hassall Green to Middlewich 029
British Salt works on the outskirts of Middlewich
Hassall Green to Middlewich 030
Piles of the ‘white stuff’, salt
Hassall Green to Middlewich 033
Yarwood passing Kings Lock Chandlery and the entrance to the Shropshire Union Canal.  We walked back to Kings Lock and bought a replacement windlass and some paint and then popped into the Kings Lock Pub for a quick libation as you do.
Moored Middlewich
Moored up after 8+ miles and 17 locks.  I quick trip to Tesco for some provisions and that’s us done and dusted for the day.


  1. You did indeed meet us in Wheelock. My niece, Rachel, was visiting and was only six months old then, so it was September 2009! We spent the evening in the Cheshire Cheese, along with Jill and Graham.

  2. And if I recall correctly Adam some silly arses were trying to set you adrift..
    or pretending to anyway, and that might have been us I believe.


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