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Friday 29 August 2014

And to Evesham

We left our mooring above Harvington Mill lock (Robert Aickman New Lock), they all seem to have two appellations these locks, the usual geographic name, i.e. where it is, and then the name of the person or people it has been dedicated to, in this case Robert Aickman the co-founder of the Inland Waterways Association.  Anyway off we set and just around the corner is George Billington/ Offenham lock with the full range of boaty services available.  We availed ourselves and then worked through the lock.

Yarwood in George Billington/ Offenham lock

Offenham Light, the floodproof lock keeper's refuge dedicated to its builder Eric Pritchard

Boys on deck
We have been getting into a new routine on rivers now that the deck is accessible to us all.   Fletcher is still nervous of being on the deck, Floyd doesn't do nerves unless he thinks his 'Mum' is leaving him - usually the wrong side of a stile he won't jump - but as each day has passed Fletcher shakes a little less, sits down and has been known to lie down, albeit briefly.   As we approach a lock I usher them back inside the boat, close the front doors and get the boat secured on the lock landing.  The boys then rejoin me as I prepare the lock then it is back aboard for them while Joe brings Yarwood into the lock and I close gates, open paddles and gates etc. and jump back on board as Yarwood exits the lock, the boys then come back on deck.  They are getting accustomed to this river travelling and I am sure that I will soon be able to leave them to mooch about the deck without my presence/supervision.
Waiting to go into Evesham lock
Approaching Evesham lock we completely missed the lock landing which is on the left going down stream and stretches across the top of the weir.  Never mind, we survived and will know for the next time.

Evesham lock, the end of the Upper Avon Navigation and the start of the Lower Avon Navigation, now amalgamated.

Downstream of Evesham lock
See the Lock keepers accommodation to the left of the shot above, very 1960's influenced architecture though not built until 1972

Moored on the Workman's Gardens mooring in Evesham
As we moored up yesterday a chap wandered along and warned us about some potential anti-social behaviour from a group of EU migrants that have been drinking and urinating in the gardens.  Oh great we thought, 'do we stay or do we go now?'   We stayed.  We had no unpleasant experiences or disturbance from anyone so we will not be labelling Evesham as bandit country in fact Evesham is just lovely and we enjoyed our wander about the town later that day.

Looking at Workman's Bridge from the Abbey Gardens (across the river from our mooring)
I took the dogs for a walk through the Abbey Gardens which are just superb, rising up the hill from the river to the summit and the remains of the old Benedictine Abbey.  There is plenty of municipal planting, lily ponds, tennis courts, play areas for little and large brats, a rowing club and dog walking and all very well maintained; a vey good advert for the Town.

Bell Tower of the former Evesham Abbey


  1. Hello Joe, Lesley. We met on several occasions during our 6 week cruise this summer, somewhere from the Coventry canal right down the Avon. We have nb. Moon Gazing Hare and an 8 1/2 year old black lab. I'm really impressed with your refleks and am thinking of installing exactly the same model/finish. I'd appreciate your experience in fitting and using it. Kind regards, Gareth

    1. Hello Gareth
      If you can let me have your email address which will not be published, Joe will reply in detail.
      I recall I spoke to you, and your dog, when we were in Stratford.


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