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Friday 29 August 2014

Popping downstream to Pershore

We pulled pins just after seven this morning and slipped away through Evesham passing a slumbering crew upon Waterways Routes.

Nb. Waterway Routes moored Evesham
Moored just around the bend from Yarwood were Paul and Christine Balmer on Nb. Waterway Routes.  Paul called in yesterday evening to say hello and called back again when he had completed his errands; that is, got the fish and chips in! 
Paul and Christine are out and about filming the Avon on their bow camera and updating their maps of the R. Severn and R. Avon. The newly updated products will be available for the Christmas market and you can obtain them from here.

Hampton Ferry

Hampton rope operated Ferry - you can see the windlass further up the back.  Nobody about this morning when we passed through so no need for the three blasts on the horn to get the Ferryman to drop the rope and allow us to cruise over it.

Apple orchards
We passed plenty of fruit orchards as we made our way downstream.  Apples and pears and hops.

Back in cruiser waters

Our first lock today, Chadbury.

Himself operating a windlass

The R. Avon, lined by willow and alder and slipping through its valley whose gentle slopes are covered in deciduous woodland including significant stands of sweet chestnut and hazel. 

Floyd supervising the filling of Fladbury lock, the second of the three will did today.

The people of Fladbury overlook the old watermill and the lock

Out of the lock at Fladbury and slipping along the lock channel below the enormous weir.
Fladbury water mill
A room, or two, with a view at Wyre Piddle

This property is more to my taste, green oak framed, just lovely.  Too big for me though, having lived quite happily on a narrow boat I would feel totally lost in something this big.  Probably couldn't afford it either...

And to Wyre Piddle Lock and its strange diamond shape.

Wyre water mill, now a boat club

An so to Pershore and our mooring on the recreation ground.
We will stay in Pershore tomorrow and explore our surroundings but for now I am off to walk the boys.

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