Thursday, 11 September 2014

To Sharpness

On Monday we loaded friends Val and Alan on to Yarwood’s tug deck and headed off in the glorious sunshine towards Sharpness about four miles further south.

Slimbridge 027

Val enthroned with Floyd in attendance

Slimbridge 004

No sooner have we arrived but Val has a glass of wine in hand

Slimbridge 013

The view of the R. Severn from the Sharpness, tide out and sand banks revealed

Slimbridge 014

Looking south you can clearly make out the Severn Road bridges in the distance

Pink and handbag

Joe doing a real man look…pink and a handbag – not his handbag though

Slimbridge 003

Val gripping that glass

Slimbridge 025

And on the return journey, Alan assumes the position

Slimbridge 024

Leaving Sharpness and heading north to Patch


  1. That's one of my favourite moorings on the canal system Lesley, particularly on a beautiful sunny day! Lovely to see you enjoying the Gloucester Sharpness!tcfs

    1. Thanks Paula
      We are very smitten with this canal, it is quite lovely!


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