Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Weekend in Pershore, Monday it's Tewkesbury

Arriving in Pershore Friday afternoon we secured ourselves a mooring on the recreaction ground and settled ourselves for the weekend.  All essential boat services are available on the moorings, including an Asda 2 minutes walk away  and there is space for perhaps a dozen narrowboats, and many more plastics if you factor in the reduced space they take up.    Friday night was a bit trying however as the local youth club had a 'do' so from 6pm through to post midnight we were blasted with a bass beat that resounded through the closed doors, portholes, ear plugs, pillow over the head...you get the picture.  
I sent off an email to Wychavon Council...congratulating them on the super moorings, congratulating them  on actually having a Youth Club but mentioning that the noise was a bit over the top and perhaps a trifle anti-social..  Thankfully Saturday and Sunday nights were quite undisturbed.
And so to Pershore itself, a lovely Medieval town with the remnants of a former Abbey and extensive Regency terraces mixed in.  A wide range of independent shops including traditional butchers, green grocers, bakers, hardware, cafes and pubs, quite charming.

Pershore Abbey sitting in the Abbey gardens.

Tree carving in the Abbey grounds
t'other side
A preaching cross.  A number of the local villages also boast preaching crosses
Out walking the dogs and I wandered off to Wick, a local village just across the River Avon. Above is Wick Manor, Tudor, timber framed and once the home of Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's last wife and his only widow..

A stunning example of a timber framed farm house with attached barn

Come Monday morning we pulled forward on to the services and did the necessary and slipped away in light rain towards Pershore lock. We had decided to push on towards Tewkesbury so with fourteen miles and three locks before us we donned wet weather gear and pressed onward.

Strensham lock with swing bridge

Eckington Bridge...there are moorings adjacent to the bridge but we had decided to press on
Tewkesbury Town bridge

 Moored, Tewkesbury
Once through the bridge we moored up and visited the lock keeper to pay our toll, £3 per night. 
The new front access has come into its own as our side doors both here and at Pershore would have been problematic as the bank/quayside is above gunwale height at both locations.


  1. Hi Lesley, it was lovely to meet you last week, albeit briefly. It was great reading your River Avon journey. We loved Pershore, what a pretty place! We were disappointed in Evesham, we felt it had lost it's charm. Are you heading from Sharpness to Portishead and onto Bristol and up the Kennet and Avon. We live in Portishead and would love to see Yarwood in the marina! We'll be on the Gloucester/Sharpness at the weekend so we'll look out for you, it is lovely even though it is a little short! Paula NB Resolution

    1. Hi Paula
      We will be on the G&S at the weekend as well. We are meeting land based friends at Patch Bridge where they are holidaying in their caravan. We are not off down the Severn to Bristol, perhaps another time, but rather back up stream to Stourport then the Staffs&Worcs to Gt. Haywood where we will turn right.
      We will look out for Resolute and hope to see you both again.


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