Friday, 7 November 2014

Moored, Yelvertoft

For the last couple of weeks we had been quietly moored out at Foxton ahead of a weekend gathering of three of the four crews that are making the Wash crossing from Boston to Wisbech next year.  I had booked a table for Sunday lunch at the Waterfront, a restaurant/bar that occupies the former bonded warehouse at the basin so ahead of that date we slipped into Market Harborough and a pre-booked mooring. 
Over lunch on Sunday, a lovely lunch I might add, we sorted out where and when we are going to meet next year ahead of our cruise to Boston.  We won't know the tide times until after Christmas so at this stage we are guessing at what our likely window for the crossing will be.
L-R Sheila of Nb. Clarence, Joe, David of Nb. What a Lark , Derek of Nb. Clarence and Lisa of Nb. What a Lark. 
Missing from the gathering is Geoff and Mags of Nb. Seyella who couldn't make it as they are currently nowhere near Market Harborough.
 Passing David and Lisa on What a Lark  - Lisa horrified as I point a camera at her, "Lesley, I haven't done my hair!!"

Come Monday Morning were watched the F1 Grand Prix that Joe had recorded, filled with water and slipped out of our mooring.  Our destination now was Yelvertoft Marina where Yarwood is going to spend the winter while we are away in Spain.

 On our way up the Foxton flight
A glorious day for cruising. I walked the dogs from Harborough to Foxton, mooring at the bottom of the flight I nipped into the shop at Bridge 61 and bought a couple of their Cornish pasties which I slung in the oven to cook as we ascended the locks.   At the top we moored up and had our hot lunch before setting off again towards Welford where we moored for the night.

 Misty start
Tuesday morning just before 8am we set off again.  There was a thick autumn mist and the tunnel light made an appearance though we never met another boat until we arrived at Yelvertoft wharf.

 Mist in the bridge hole

As we came through Yelvertoft bridge, Joe slowed and  I loaded the dogs back on board Yarwood and stepped onto the gunwale at the back. No sooner were we clear of the bridge than I spotted a CRT work boat pushing a loaded flat towards us but immediately behind the first boat was another. The second boat was going far too fast and lost control of the flat he was pushing, crossing our bow, Yarwood now in screaming reverse, the flat rammed the bank to lose some speed, straightened then took the rest of his speed off down the side of Yarwood which sent me scurrying back along the gunwale towards the stern to get out of his way and potential broken leg his empty flat offered me. A sheepish "sorry mate" to Joe and a filthy look from me and we were passed each other.  What a twat!

I had called ahead to Yelvertoft to find out where they wanted us to moor so we were able to turn in and reverse on to our pontoon with little difficulty. So that's it for cruising this year. We are now preparing ourselves to decamp but ahead of that their is family visits and winterising Yarwood to be done.

Looking down from the dog walk above Yelvertoft marina


  1. Fantastically atmospheric photos! Got to be calendar material.. Sorry we couldn't be there at MH, but it looks like you managed all right without us...
    Have a good winter, look forward to seeing you all in the spring.

    1. Thanks Geoff. I will give you a call re next years tentative arrangements. Best of luck for Saturday.
      X Lesley

  2. Have a great time in Spain , see you somewhere on the cut next year

    1. Thank you. We will be at Debdale for a week in late April if you are visiting a boat builder there??
      X Lesley

  3. Is it the Nene or the Great Ouse after your crossing Lesley?

  4. A leisurely cruise along the Nene...Joe is not much interested in revisiting the Gt. Ouse so soon!


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