Sunday, 16 November 2014

No fixed Doctor..or is it?

When we moved on to a narrowboat just over six years ago I transferred to a GP (doctor) close to our correspondence address which was/is nowhere near a canal.  Fortunately I haven't needed the ministrations of the medical profession and I always knew that should I need a Doctor I could simply get an appointment anywhere as a visitor and that is satisfactory...but
Your medical notes are not available or updated and, you don't get routinely screened for the nasties that age can/may bring.  When I joined The Association of Continuous Cruisers I learnt that I didn't need to have an address in the catchment area for a GP but could/should be treated as a 'homeless' person. Armed with this information I tried to sign on with a GP in Market Harborough last winter. My application met with a polite but firm rebuff.
I gave up.
This year I found that I had been 'de-registered' by my GP.
I wrote to NHS England and asked for their assistance stating that;
I am a British C!itizen since birth
I am fully paid up re National Insurance
I have no fixed abode
I need a GP close to a canal
I want to sign on with a GP in Market Harborough.
A number of emails, phone calls later and I was registering with a GP in Market Harborough and everyone I dealt with was helpful and pleasant...
A miracle in itself given the disposition of too many NHS personnel.
I am now able to access preventive screening for bowel and breast cancer etc.  and Joe, who has also transferred to a Doctor we can get to if necessary, has access to all the Man stuff he needs to be screened for.
Where there is a will there is a way.


  1. Thanks very much Lesly for posting this. We meet with the GP in Tring this week, where Les is registered as a temporary patient. If all goes well we are going to ask if we can, as persons of no fixed abode, register there as permanent patients which would get us out of Watford. Your post really assisted me in this process.

  2. Jaq
    Best wishes. Use NHS England they were very helpful. I have responded to your email address with more detail.
    X Lesley

  3. Hi Lesley, hopefully Lincolnshire is behaving in our absence!
    I wondered if you could furnish me with the name of this new GP? Obviously I need to ask are they good and deal with you efficiently? Our GP is in Sleaford and a pig to get to to get my tablets. Hope you are both well xx

    1. Hi Ruth
      The Doctor is at:
      Market Harborough Medical Centre
      67 Coventry Road MH.
      They have been very accommodating and the two Doctors I have seen have been very thorough. Nice place, nice staff.
      Best wishes


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