Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Things afoot for next year..

I travelled down to Essex on Saturday, train from Rugby to Euston, Underground to Earls Court...Earls Court?  Yes,  those that know London will realise that either I was hopelessly lost, heading off towards the west rather than the east, or I was up to something....
Earls Court Exhibition Centre was hosting The Kennel Club's Discover Dogs a two day extravaganza where you get to meet two hundred or more different breeds of dog and their breeders.  Joe and I went years ago when we were thinking of getting a dog and at the time we were looking at Great Danes, Mastiffs, Spinone and Leonbergers...we finally decided on Labradors hence Fletcher and Floyd.  Now our wonderful boys are ten and nine and we are considering adding a small dog to the 'pack' ahead of the of them dying and leaving their mate alone.  We have thought that introducing a 'boat sized' dog next year would provide enough time to establish the new pack member and barely take up any room on the boat. The new dog had to be small, robust, happy to walk the miles we cover, a swimmer, sociable and healthy.
Of the breeds I looked at, half a dozen or more appealed to me, we opted for a Norfolk Terrier.  We have been to meet a breeder and will be looking to see if will can get a puppy next summer!


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    1. Hi Folks
      I looked at Dandie Dinmonts, Wire haired standard Dachunds, Cairns, Sealyhams and Borders as well as Welsh and Irish. I thought the Welsh would be too much for the boys to cope with, far too lively for far too long, but all the rest appealed a lot. I found that the breeder I spoke to about the Norfolks is based 3 mins away from Yelvertoft so hence the visit with Joe on Tuesday. Himself preferred the Norfolk of all the ones I liked but getting a puppy in the summer might prove a tad difficult.
      See you next Summer somewhere, sometime..
      X Lesley

  2. That sounds good!

    I know when Lucy died poor Meg really struggled without her mate for all time until Penny came to join her..

    Now I sometimes think she would rather she didn't! Penny is a bit lively for her!

    1. Sue
      I remember...holes in the moorings, sticks, visits and a much put on Meg.
      When we had our last pair of Labradors, Samuel and Mac, we 'lost' Samuel at seven and Mac was never the same dog again. We couldn't replace Samuel so Mac stayed a lone dog for the next seven years but the heart had gone out of him somehow. Not wanting that for Floyd or Fletcher we think now is the time to expand the pack but it had to be a 'boat sized' canine. As and when one of the Labs go we will probably add another little guy.
      X Lesley

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    1. Hi Carol
      Strangely, there were no Patterdales at the show or they would have been on the list as well. Fingers crossed we can get a puppy for next summer.
      X Lesley

    2. ... exciting news, having tripped over Leia one too many times recently I was thinking how do people cope with two dogs.... let alone three !


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