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Friday 9 January 2015

Walking the Olive Oil Way

I was still slobbing around in my PJ's at 11.30am when we decided to go out yesterday.  I had a hasty shower and then prepared a pack-up (picnic), including a bag of dog biscuits and chews for the canine members of the party, and then off we went driving north towards Cordoba.  We decided to explore a little more the the green way - Vias Verde -  we had found a couple of weeks ago.  There are numerous green ways, converted dismantled railway tracks, covering some 1900kms in Spain but we haven't managed to track down any maps of them yet and there is no such thing as an Ordnance Survey Map so our exploring is a bit hit an miss.

Update: There is a road map published by the Ministry of /transport/interior?? that includes the Vias Verde in green apparently; I have now to try and locate a bookshop that sells them or I will have to deal with The Ministry direct and get it on line, in Spanish...oops

The remains/ruins of one of the station buildings.  They are quite ornate though this is only the second one we have come across so far.  Apparently a number of its fellows have been converted into rest stops, cafes, accommodation and even cycle hire shops.
We have just approached a via duct that crosses this valley.  The Rio (river) flowing through below is the Rio Guadojoz.

Viaduct de Rio Guadajoz, with two impatient dogs waiting to cross
The bed of the viaduct is constructed of the old railway sleepers, with minute gaps between the weathered timbers that shows the valley some 100 feet below...I walked along the edge

The Rio Guadojoz feeds into this laguna (lake.)  We stopped here for our picnic lunch before turning and retracing our steps back to the car.
On our way back


  1. Did you find this?

  2. And here is s blog with information too. https://sites.google.com/a/travellogireland.com/site/cycling-old-spanish-railway-lines/la-via-verde-del-aceite-1


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